Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Me and K have made up and are BFF's again. We are both at fault for drifting apart... And I think she finally figured out how she came across may have hurt me. We had them over for dinner and her little guy ( who is massively adorable ) didn't want to leave. Hopfully things will continue to go well for us, cuz she does know that I love her like a sister...

I am having more health issues.... Again.. I went for my anual, and my blood work & urine came back out of wack... my thyriod was off again, so my dosage of thyroid med has been upped, the BP is good & stable, but my colesteral is thru the roof, and my uric acid & creatine levels are high.

I have had a abdominal & thyroid u/s to check them, redoing the b/w &doing a 24 hr urine collection, to see if there are any aswers there.

I go back July 24 to see the Dr.

I will not lie... I'm getting a little freaked... I cannot handle anymore problems.

I met more bumpies.... ACM & Shemico
Both amazingly strong & lovely ladies.

There is another GTG in the works with Buffalo/ Niagara ladies.... We shall see...

I am still looking for work.. I'm getting frustrated !!! Soon I hope something will come up.

That's all for now

Love & Hugs