Saturday, October 31, 2015

So.... We got a DOG !!

Her name is Marley, and we got her from a rescue in King City called Dog Tales They do wonderful stuff there & the staff and owners are amazing !
We went on  Sunday Sept 6th (every Sunday they have an open house & you can go visit) we checked all the dogs, and they had just gotten a bunch in from Israel on the Thursday. We spent some time with Marley & another dog named Puma.

We talked to the owner, and Puma wouldn't work, because of the cats (He was a Japanese chin) we then put our names on the waiting list for Marley, as there was a few other families interested in her.
We left that not knowing if we would get her, but we would keep looking just in case, That next week we got a call on the Wednesday, asking if we were still interested in her and if we could come the next evening to visit...

OF COURSE ! So we took off after work on the Thursday, back up to King City, and met with Danielle the Owner, We went over everything, like who would walk her, what the cats are like, our house, any neighborhood parks, all that kind of stuff, they went & got Marley (Happy at the time) from her room, so we could spend time with her, and she remembered us ! We got a very friendly greeting & then we were left on our own to spend some time with her to see if we jived... And we did ! She was so good with us it reaffirmed our choice. After about an hr, we let them know that we wanted her for sure. They wanted her to go home with us but since we weren't 100% prepared & they wanted to have their vet tech check her over one more time, and give them another day to observe her behavior, we all decided, that picking her up Saturday am would be better.

Cork had to work that weekend, so, my mo (who helps with Marley) drove with me, to pick her up on Saturday Sept 12,

And what a month + it has been ! Marley is an amazing dog, she has great manners, walks beautifully on the leash, is just such a great dog, who ever had her before taught her well, so I think something happened to her owner & that's how she ended up on the streets, she shows no signs of a typical abandoned/shelter dog. The cats & her get along for the most part, they are still figuring out that relationship ! LOL
We figure she is 6-7 years old, about  30 lbs with some sort of hound in her! She loves to follow sniffing trails !


Saturday, May 16, 2015


I keep for getting about this poor neglected blog..
I am a horrid blogger. So time for a yearly update??
We went back to Jamaica again in Feb 2015, this time with my sister & her husband, we spent the week in Runaway Bay, at the Jewel Resorts, a few days at Jewel Runaway bay, and a few days a Jewels Paradise Cove, JPC is an Adult only, while JRB is the family one, and we liked the family one better ! It had a nice beach, great buffet & a nightly in house band that was great, the AO was... Lacking..

As for exploring, this time we went up to Nine Mile, the birthplace & final resting place of Bob Marley. It was a beautiful area, and yes we were asked if we wanted to purchase weed.. We declined.

We also got a new truck, we were hoping to wait until the the fall but the Explorer had other ideas, as the transmission was going (again ! We replaced it once already !) So C got the truck he wanted.

As for me ? I have been doing a few cards here & there, but nothing major. Health-wise ... Oye, here we go again with something new. I swear there is never a dull moment. For the last 6ish months, I have been having the odd joint pain, especially after I worked out, not the "oh I just worked out & my muscles are sore" pain, but deep down hurting like a MOFO joint pain, and then almost daily pain since we came back from Jamaica, cue my every 8 month appointment with Dr P (my Kidney dr), I told him about it & he got me in asap to the acute rhumetology clinic. I have had 2 appointments already, and other than a slight elevation of inflammation showing in my blood-work, my uric acid level is dangerously high, so right now I am being treated as having , gouty arthritis, I go back at the end of June, beginning of July, to see if the meds are helping, and if they aren't, or  cause more kidney issues, I am going off them & we will have to look at other treatments, possibly prednisone :/

As of this morning (3 days into treatment.. ) I hurt, I don't have high hopes for this. I asked if there was anything food or drink wise I need to eliminate and they said no.

Hopefully things improve before June, because there are 3 events that I would like to enjoy without pain, my aunt & uncle's 50th Anniversary party, me being a torch bearer for the Pan Am games, and finally the newest NKOTB concert ;)

That's all for now <3 p="">