Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm such a slacker !! We have been back from British Colombia for almost two months...
It was a trip, one  that I don't care to repeat like that again, due to family issues, and not being able to tour around like I would have wanted.

We stayed in Surrey , but day tripped to White Rock & Fort Langley. We took the ferry over to Vancouver Island, and stopped in Victoria and Tolfino, And stayed at the crappiest motels.. but I won't get into that. We then took another ferry back to Vancouver city. We were there for 2 weeks in total.

My favorite part, C  & I took off for the weekend on our own and drove to Seattle WA. We stayed at the Hotel Five on 5th Ave (Def recommend this hotel !), we had a great time wandering around, checking out Pike's Place Market, had Top Pot Donuts, and best of all, I got to meet 2 more TTCALers !!!! I met up with 2 ladies I have know for quite a while now, Chelsey & Cleo, we had a great lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. And of course once I found out that the retail store for A-Muse was in Seattle, I had to stop in & pick up some stamps !!

I would love to go back to BC one day & see it on my terms.

Since the trip, I had a Kidney appointment...
Everything is stable, which is good, however, I hurt myself, once I heard that I was stable again, for the 3 appointment in a row, I gave myself a tiny glimmer of hope, that my Dr may give us the OK, to try to get pregnant... NOPE  

Cue a couple of crappy days. oh well, life moves on.

That all in my world for now... 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


We decided to take a run over to the local animal shelter, just to see what was available, we had no plans to bring anything home, there was a plan to take a quick look & then head to the Library... Yeah. We came home with this sweetie
We have named her Smudge and she is about 6 months old, and she totally chose us..  She came up to me & started head butting me and was very affectionate, I had a feeling if we left without her I would regret it, and it has not been without tears, thinking about Moe, she has quite a few of his traits & some of his coloring. it's been hard because if Moe was still here, we wouldn't have been looking.

As for Bella, well it's an adjustment, she is obviously still hissing & growling, but hopefully it will settle down & they can start getting along & maybe snuggling soon....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Saying Good Bye to Moe

Today broke my heart.. our boy cat Moe, had been "off " for the last week or so, to the point he wasn't eating or drinking much of anything, we knew we had to take him in to see the Vet, since we had moved we took him to a new vet...

They examined him first & then did blood work & x-rays, the x-rays were not clear, there was something going on... His B/W showed a high white blood count and a high level of Calcium, which could possibly indicate Cancer.

The Vet asked our permission to investigate further, and called in a Ultrasound Tech, he was there in less than 15 mins, we stood there (me petting Moe's head) while the tech started.. Almost immediately he said "prep for surgery" there was a foreign object in his stomach, things didn't look right. The decision was made to do exploratory surgery and either they would find the blockage, remove it & Moe would come home in a day or 2, or it would be bad & would need to say goodbye..

A few minutes after they started, they called us in to the back, they had him open & wanted to show us ***graphic warning !!**

His poor little body, his whole GI tract was covered in a very fast moving Cancer tumors, they urged us to say goodbye, if we were lucky we might have had a few days more with him.

I can honestly say I flipped, I was going to have to say Goodbye to my stinky butt, my baby boy, my headbutter, the one who follows me into the bathroom all the time....

They covered up the incision, and we came back in to be with him while we let him go.

We got Moe at 6 months old from a rescue, he was quite the jumper, he will missed so much..

Photo: Is Heartbroken.. Said Good Bye to my buddy Moe

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

End of 2013

Wow, I am so bad at keeping up my blog..

The last few months of 2013 have flown by ! I have begun a new venture, I got into card making a while ago, I love making Custom  cards for people ! So going on that theme, I went to the big Creativ Festival that is held twice a year here, and signed up to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator ! I love their stuff ! I am planning to do an  Open House sometime in Jan to start things off & then go from there.

We went on our last trip of the year.. To Montego Bay Jamaica.  LOVED IT !! It was one of the best trips we have been on, not because of a "fancy room" or anything like that ( the rooms were decent !) but because of the people & the vibe ! We met some of the warmest, welcoming people. The beach was beautiful & the countryside was so lush & green. We have plans to go back in 2 years for our 10th wedding anniversary !

I am hoping 2014 treats everyone well <3 p="">