Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well I guess I should Update...

Ahh a New Year....

Same shit different year...

We finally saw an Re in January, uhhh yeah... She thinks I have Turner's syndrome.. fun times, we are waiting on the genetic  results, they should be in by June (Yes Canada is fucking slow at this stuff) She pulled other B/W, everything seems to be OK, except... My creatine/ kidney function again... She wants to get me into the high-risk program at Mount Sinai in Toronto to do a work up first before we get PG, I finally found out from them (after bugging them for an appointment date) that MS will personally be contacting me with an appointment, IN A FEW MONTHS !!! She would prefer that we "not try" but she would be OK with us if we got PG on our own in the mean time.

Cork and I talked, we decided, Fuck it,  we didn't want to wait, so we are trying on our own again... Hopefully it will happen soon, I'm not counting on it though.

Me and K had a falling out, after a lot of BS, including her not calling after she had her LO, and a few disrespectful & hurtful remarks, I sent her an email telling her how I felt.
Surprise surprise, she never answered me..

Other than that , not much going on in my world.

Take care & love you all !