Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sorry It has been so Long......

Wow, umm I have been a really bad blogger....

Work has been going good, boring & quiet but OK.

We went away again... LOL , back to Mexico & the Riviera Maya.
This time we stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal, very nice resort on a big complex, with 2 other resorts that we had access to, The Coba & Tulum.

Katie has gone back home to Texas, so we didn't see her again, but we did meet up with another Bumpie, who was staying at Akumal w/ her Hubby & her family who stayed at Coba.

Kelin & Kevin were very nice & we spent a bit of time with them over the week we were there. We joined them on an excursion on day.... Wow it was a great day !

First we all met for breakfast, then headed out to meet our private tour guide from Edventures,
first stop was the Mayan ruins of Tulum & the awesome beach there (Cork LOVED it ! ), then we headed to Dos Ojos (two eyes) where we went snorkeling in the underground Cenotes, apparently I am a natural at this..., then we went to Akumal Bay, where some of us went snorkeling with the Sea Turtles, that was really cool ! (the turtles reminded me of the turtle from Finding Nemo), Then came lunch at a beach side restaurant in Akumal Bay, (chicken Quesadias anyone ?), then we headed out to Yal-Ku which is a spring feed lagoon that also gets saltwater from the ocean, loads of tropical fish there !

It was a great day ! Then Friday night we had drinks & dinner with the whole group, and had a great time. Saturday night we met up with Kelin & Kevin for the last time & had drinks before saying good-bye....

At this resort we got 3 Ala-cart dinners, our first was at Portofino (Italian) was pretty good, then we went to Arlequin (International) was great ! beautifully presented ! the last was Gran Tortuga (Brazilian) was def. different ! The rest of the time we eat at the Buffet which was decent...

I wanted to stay & not come back....I love it there.

It was nice to get some warm Caribbean Sun....and spend time with Cork

Take Care