Saturday, May 16, 2015


I keep for getting about this poor neglected blog..
I am a horrid blogger. So time for a yearly update??
We went back to Jamaica again in Feb 2015, this time with my sister & her husband, we spent the week in Runaway Bay, at the Jewel Resorts, a few days at Jewel Runaway bay, and a few days a Jewels Paradise Cove, JPC is an Adult only, while JRB is the family one, and we liked the family one better ! It had a nice beach, great buffet & a nightly in house band that was great, the AO was... Lacking..

As for exploring, this time we went up to Nine Mile, the birthplace & final resting place of Bob Marley. It was a beautiful area, and yes we were asked if we wanted to purchase weed.. We declined.

We also got a new truck, we were hoping to wait until the the fall but the Explorer had other ideas, as the transmission was going (again ! We replaced it once already !) So C got the truck he wanted.

As for me ? I have been doing a few cards here & there, but nothing major. Health-wise ... Oye, here we go again with something new. I swear there is never a dull moment. For the last 6ish months, I have been having the odd joint pain, especially after I worked out, not the "oh I just worked out & my muscles are sore" pain, but deep down hurting like a MOFO joint pain, and then almost daily pain since we came back from Jamaica, cue my every 8 month appointment with Dr P (my Kidney dr), I told him about it & he got me in asap to the acute rhumetology clinic. I have had 2 appointments already, and other than a slight elevation of inflammation showing in my blood-work, my uric acid level is dangerously high, so right now I am being treated as having , gouty arthritis, I go back at the end of June, beginning of July, to see if the meds are helping, and if they aren't, or  cause more kidney issues, I am going off them & we will have to look at other treatments, possibly prednisone :/

As of this morning (3 days into treatment.. ) I hurt, I don't have high hopes for this. I asked if there was anything food or drink wise I need to eliminate and they said no.

Hopefully things improve before June, because there are 3 events that I would like to enjoy without pain, my aunt & uncle's 50th Anniversary party, me being a torch bearer for the Pan Am games, and finally the newest NKOTB concert ;)

That's all for now <3 p="">

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Stasy said...

I'm sorry the treatment isn't working. :( I hope you and your doctors find something that works so you can enjoy the events you're looking forward to.