Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm such a slacker !! We have been back from British Colombia for almost two months...
It was a trip, one  that I don't care to repeat like that again, due to family issues, and not being able to tour around like I would have wanted.

We stayed in Surrey , but day tripped to White Rock & Fort Langley. We took the ferry over to Vancouver Island, and stopped in Victoria and Tolfino, And stayed at the crappiest motels.. but I won't get into that. We then took another ferry back to Vancouver city. We were there for 2 weeks in total.

My favorite part, C  & I took off for the weekend on our own and drove to Seattle WA. We stayed at the Hotel Five on 5th Ave (Def recommend this hotel !), we had a great time wandering around, checking out Pike's Place Market, had Top Pot Donuts, and best of all, I got to meet 2 more TTCALers !!!! I met up with 2 ladies I have know for quite a while now, Chelsey & Cleo, we had a great lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. And of course once I found out that the retail store for A-Muse was in Seattle, I had to stop in & pick up some stamps !!

I would love to go back to BC one day & see it on my terms.

Since the trip, I had a Kidney appointment...
Everything is stable, which is good, however, I hurt myself, once I heard that I was stable again, for the 3 appointment in a row, I gave myself a tiny glimmer of hope, that my Dr may give us the OK, to try to get pregnant... NOPE  

Cue a couple of crappy days. oh well, life moves on.

That all in my world for now... 

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